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Wednesday - July 28, 2021

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Dodge Dakota Forum Recent Posts

brendan chapu
5 hrs ago
Are brake boosters interchangeable? i have a 1991 dodge dakota 5.2 l v8 and am wondering what years the brake booster is interchangeable...
Edward Palomi
2 days ago
V6 Forum - what is 3.9 in cubic inches?
On my Dakota its 238 cubic inches, my message is that knowing your weights, measurements, conversions is important. The down side is t...
Ronni Urschel
3 days ago
V8 Forum - 2005 Dodge Dakota
Horn not working , cruise control not working and airbag light is on...Help so I can get this registered...
Stacy farr
5 days ago
V6 Forum - Transmission conversion
Will a 1999 manual transmission out off a dodge Dakota fit in a 2002 Dodge Dakota manual transmission both 3.9 2 wheel drive sport b99 e...
David Lopez
1 week ago
V6 Forum - Transmission control solenoid
Hi. I have 2006 dakota v6 truck runs fine going forward but on reverse its no power. No check engine light. Took to transmissio...
Bill Sol
1 week ago
V8 Forum - 4.7 Supercharger - KB or Paxton?
who gives the best support and price for the KB or Paxton supercharger is their any dealers in south Florida ...
1 week ago
V8 Forum - How Much Does My Truck Weigh???
I own a Dakota 2002 extended cab. How much does it weigh?...
2 weeks ago
General Forum - Can't get hood latch to open!!
1989 dodge Dakota.. Lay on your back on the ground with a flashlight.. You'll be able to see the cable and pull when you look up.. Abo...
Tracy Greene
2 weeks ago
General Forum - Disable Auto-Lock Feature
Mike Brown is right. Close door, put on seatbelt, turn on ignition, hold lock on key fob 4 seconds, then push panic. Worked perfec...
Ron C
2 weeks ago
Raised Dakotas - lift blocks, new shocks?
I have three 1989 Dodge Dakota Shelby trucks. One has a 2 1/2" lift at the rear axle. Does anyone know if this could have been adde...
2 weeks ago
General Forum - airbag light
First I would change out the clockspring. Easy with YouTube. I've been trying to figure this out for five years. So today I pulled out t...
Cindy Eubank
3 weeks ago
Raised Dakotas - largest tires no adjustments or lifts
I just got a 95 dodge Dakota 2 whee drive.It sits so low. What is the biggest tires I can get without them rubbing and with no additio...
3 weeks ago
General Forum - Disable Auto-Lock Feature
What if I want to make my auto locks work again? They used to automatically lock at 15 mph, now they don’t. Not saying this has anythi...
3 weeks ago
V6 Forum - 3.9l stroker kit
A few years ago I had my 1999 Dodge Dakota Sport 3.9L V6 rebuilt and bored over .030 with the appropriate rebuild kit. I have lost nearly 1...

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