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MESSAGE BOARDS are a great way to share information with other Dodge Dakota owners on the web. Each month, hundreds of thousands of people come to the message boards at to share their useful knowledge. The boards are now searchable so you can spend less time getting the help you need. There are two formats to the forums. There are member forums which you must be a MEMBER to post to and/or view. There are also open forums. The open forums are open for everyone to enjoy.

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Painting Your Door Handles

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Dodge Dakota Forum Recent Posts

2 days ago
Performance - V6->V8 Conversion
2005 dakota V6 to V8 crate engine is 3500. Install possible without another 3500 in parts?...
2 days ago
V6 Forum - how long do the 3.9s last?
Mine has...
2 days ago
V6 Forum - Engine
Will my 04 Dakota 3.7 engine and transmission fit in a 02 Dakota? I have no idea what was in it....
Ausencio maci
4 days ago
Off Road - locker for front axle
I use the dodge Dakota 2004 most the time on road side is good idea to put auto locker on front axle? Let me know that you think I have ...
Henry hall
4 days ago
General Forum - Hub nut size
99 also 36mm?...
5 days ago
V6 Forum - A/C Heater Climate Temp control
I have replaced the resister and the fan still wont work on high or medium. But it still works on low. Any help would be amazing! ...
7 days ago
V6 Forum - 97 3.9 v6 dying when braking
Help? Truck is not throwing any codes or lights. It is dying when braking. Idling low rpms. Also dying at stop signs. Hesitated once a...
Elisabeth cas
2 weeks ago
V6 Forum - 92 dakota fuse box diagram?
I changed out fuses for windshield wipers but they still are not working why not? In a 92 Dodge dakota. V6. I also have a 2001 Dodg...
2 weeks ago
General Forum - Torque specs (lug nuts)??
DAKOTA ALL CABS / 265/65R17 2005 – 2012 135 ft-lbs...
2 weeks ago
V8 Forum - 4.7 highOil pressure ?
I have a 01 4.7 dakota 5 speed. An I notice while driving yesterday that the oil pressure was low while driving it sat on the 1st whit...
Jon G
2 weeks ago
General Forum - Seat swap Gen 2 into Gen 1
Are seats interchangeable between a 94 Dakota and the newer 97 and up trucks?...
2 weeks ago
General Forum - Dodge Dakota Instrument Cluster Problems
I've had the same problem with a 99 Dodge Dakota 5.9 l V8 but none of the gauges work and none of the lights come on except the dash...
3 weeks ago
General Forum - 99 dakota 4cl
I got a 99 dakota sport 4cl that has a knock, & I have an 87 4cl that is good, will it bolt up with my 99 tranny? Both are 5 speed man...
3 weeks ago
V8 Forum - Valve noise /Motor swapping
I have a 2001 RC 4.7 5speed an I was wondering what year motors will interchange with my truck? I had something happen to motor today i...

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